EDITOR’S NOTE: July 7, seeds are still available!  It’s a bit late for planting, but never too late to try!  See the pick up locations below for your FREE seeds!

EDITOR’S NOTE: May 13, the seeds are now AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP! See details below.

We are thrilled to offer several sunflower contests in partnership with the Uxbridge Horticultural Society!

We will be offering the following classes:

  1. Tallest sunflower
  2. Largest sunflower seedhead (diameter)
  3. Best display- family/individual
  4. Best display- business/corporate

You can pick up your FREE package of seeds courtesy of the Uxbridge Fair at the following locations:

  • Blue Heron Books
  • Sharpe’s
  • Sugar FX
  • The Bridge Social

All entries will be done using photos submitted to our judging site. More details will be provided through this page in July.