Dairy Goats Section G 2017

 Saturday, September 9, 2017

Starting at 11 a.m. SHARP

DIRECTORS: Jim & Tracey Tindall (905) 852-9966
SECRETARY: Sharon Busse (905) 649-0293
COMMITTEE:  Alice Stewart 905-852-7165, Andrew Campbell,                                  Heather Winter-McIntyre

                                                      Our Sponsors:                                                                                                                           Port Perry Veterinary Services, The Tindall Family, Craigalleen Farm, Alice and Cam Stewart, Nailed It, Sharon and Mark Busse, Pizza Towne, Barbara and Stewart Blower, Holtrust Landscaping, GoatKeeper

All goats to be on the grounds by 9:30 a.m. and remain until 4 p.m. or end of show (whichever is later)

1. All general rules and regulations of the Fair apply.
2. This is a Sanctioned Goat Show and all rules of the Canadian Goat Society shall govern.
3. The Canadian Goat Society requires that all goats be Vet approved before showing. A health check will be conducted by a Veterinarian. All goats not passing the health check will be immediately removed.
4. The Vet will be on the grounds at 9:00 AM. Papers must be on site for all goats over 6 months AS OF DAY OF SHOW. A copy of the application for registration must be on site for all goats under 6 months. Veterinary Check provided by Port Perry Veterinary Services (905) 982-1243.
5. Exhibitors may enter 3 animals in each class to a maximum of 15 goats per exhibitor.
6. All tattoo and registration certificates will be checked.  Please advise, by September 1, the director or secretary, your intention to exhibit for penning and planning purposes.
7. Everyone must pay Fair Admission ($12) at the entrance gate. There will also be a hold back of 10% of all winnings in adult classes.

Any Other Purebred
Recorded Grade Animals
 Prize Money: $30, $25, $20, $17, $15, $10,
*$5 to each entry not placed
*Ribbons to 6th place

CLASS 1 Doe Kid over 3 months and under 6 months
CLASS 2 Doe Kid 6 months and under 12 months
CLASS 3 Doe Kid 12 months and under 24 months
CLASS 4 Junior Champion & Reserve (Rosettes only)
CLASS 5 Milking Yearling over 12 months and under 24 months in milk
CLASS 6 Doe over 24 months and under 36 months in milk
CLASS 7 Does over 36 months in milk
CLASS 8 Senior Champion and Reserve (Rosettes)
CLASS 9 Grand Champion & Reserve (Rosettes)

CLASS 10 Breeders Herd a group of four (4) animals (bred and owned by exhibitor) consisting of at least three (3) milking does (Rosettes)
Prize Money: $30

CLASS 11 Best Doe in Show
Prize Money: $30

CLASS 12 Dam and Daughter
Value: $40 Gift Certificate

Pre-register at the goat show desk by noon (Limited to 10 participants per class)
Please wear a white shirt and white or black pants

Prize Money $8, $7, $5 to all remaining.
CLASS 13  Junior Showmanship for Girls & Boys 10 years and under
CLASS 14  Senior Showmanship for Girls and Boys 11 to 20 years