Handwork Section N 2018

Handwork SECTION N

CHAIRPERSON: Nancy Hannah (905) 852-7286                                                                   Open to all ages

Prize Money: $5.00, $4.00, $3.00, $2.00

Details may be subject to change.  Please check for updates at uxbridgefair.ca.

 NOTE:  If item is suitable for hanging, please include hanger (e.g. wire, hook, string).  If you would like to be acknowledged as the oldest in the Golden Ages Section and the youngest in the Handwork Section then put your age on the fold-up portion of the exhibitor’s tag.


  1. Baby shower gift
  2. Bridal shower gift
  3. Bazaar item, no knitting –    retail value under $10
  4. Bazaar item,no knitting – retail value $10 and over
  5. One handmade greeting card, with an envelope, for any celebration
  6. Any handmade market basket – kits welcome-any technique, with sample
  7. Any handmade decorative hair accessory
  8. Shopping bag – handmade – any technique, with sample
  9. Counted x-stitch – stitched area 5” x 7”or less
  10. Counted x-stitch – stitched area greater than 5” x 7”
  11. Handcrafted piece of jewellery – NO KITS
  12. Any up-cycled item (made from something repurposed)
  13. Any edible  or non-edible “gift in a Mason jar”
  14. Any bookmark with a farm theme – any medium
  15. Any door decoration – ready to hang – Fall Theme
  16. A garden decorateion (i.e. stepping stone or rock, wind chime, bird house)  – any medium
  17. Any farm theme table favour
  18. Any wooden “thing” with  dimensions not greater than 12” in any direction (eg: name plaque, lawn decoration, etc)
  19. Make a miniature ( under 5”) using any medium
  20. Decorate a charger plate – fair theme – no max size
  21. Article of handwork not mentioned anywhere in Handwork “Section N” – name technique
  22. Any centrepiece for a fall table – no max size
  23. Any gift basket or tin suitable for a celebration
  24.  President’s Special: Silent Auction Class

    NOTE:  All entries become property of the Uxbridge Fair and will be auctioned during the Fair weekend.  All proceeds benefit the Uxbridge Fair.

                            Prize Money:  $25.00, $15.00

    Enter any handmade item that would be suitable for a silent auction

 25.                Scarecrow Contest Special

Scarecrow to represent “From Farm Gate to Dinner Plate” Fair Theme               Saturday, September 10, Noon                                                                                  Prizes: $50.00, $25.00, $15 .00  
Entries can be submitted only between 10 am and 12 noon on the Saturday of the fair weekend. Judging at 1:00 p.m. at the Fair Office. Open to all ages.
Please see General Rules for more information.



CHAIRPERSON: Katie Assinck (905) 862-0166

Prize Money:  $5.00, $4.00, $3.00, $2.00

Details may be subject to change. Please check for updates at uxbridgefair.ca
NOTE:  If item is suitable for hanging, please attach hanger (e.g. wire, hook, string).Any items that don’t fit the Christmas Corner categories may be entered by the exhibitor in the applicable handwork classes.

26. Christmas mantel or buffet decoration – any materials                                                  27. Christmas wreath, swag or door decoration                                                                      28. Stocking – any medium – kits welcome                                                                             29. Any  natural tree decoration using embellishments from the natural environment,  e.g. pine cones. pine boughs, berries                                                                                          30. Any free standing Christmas tree or Christmas ornament (example: metal angel,         lathing star), any medium, maximum 50 cm /20 inches high.                                             31. Christmas character (e.g. snowman, elf, angel) with samples – any medium            32. Christmas table runner or tree skirt.                                                                                   33. Handcrafted greeting card and envelope                                                                            34. Item of Christmas clothing with Christmas motif (eg. hat, vest, sweater)                   35. Any edible Christmas decoration (eg. Popcorn/cranberry string, homemade candy cane, gingerbread Santa, angel, elf)                                                                                            36. Any decoration celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Eid or other winter seasonal celebration.

37.                                             Handwork High Point  Winner
Sponsored by Bethesda-Reach Women’s Institute                                                                              Bethesda-Reach Women’s Institue will present a $25 prize to the high point winner in the Handwork section ( including Handcrafts and Christmas Corner).


Note: All entries must include a fabric samples. Open size, must be hand or machine quilted by exhibitor unless specified within class.                         Prize Money: $10.00, $8.00, $6.00                                                                       Details may be subject to change.       Please check for updates at uxbridgefair.ca        QUILT  CLASSES (see O.A.A.S. Championship Conditions at the end of QUILTS SECTION)                                                                                                              38. Tied Quilt                                                                                                                                  39. Rag Quilt                                                                                                                                   40. Modern Quilt                                                                                                                            41. Traditional Quilt61.                                                                                                           42.Tag Team Quilt- quilt assembled by one person, quilted by another.  Enter under one number but name both people.                                                                                                   43.  Any pieced quilt.                                                                                                                     44. Any machine embroidered quilt

MISCELLANEOUS QUILTED ARTICLES                                                                    Prize Money: $5.00, $4.00, $3.00, $2.00                                                                                45. Any quilt top                                                                                                                             46. Appliqued or pieced crib quilt, not from a precut kit or panel                                       47. Other crib quilt, may use a precut kit or panel                                                                      48. Any quilted miniature less than 23 in x 36 in                                                                    49. Any item made using the paper piecing technique (quilted or not quilted)                50.  Quilted article of clothing                                                                                                      51. Any quilted personal accessory (eg. purse, bag, shawl, etc)                                            52. Any quilted home accessory (e.g. table runner, cushion, 2 place mats, etc)               53. Any fabric landscape – ready to hang                                                                                  54. Any machine or hand embroidered wall hanging- ready to hang                                  55. Any quilted item using more than one technique                                                             56. Any sample quilt block- assembled, not quilted                                                                57. Men only class:  Any quilt or quilted item.                                                                         58. Fair theme block- unquilted, unfinished size 12 ½” to be displayed squarely


Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies
Annual Hand-Quilted Championship Quilt 

Eligibility, Rules and Regulations
General Conditions
A. Entries must be solely made and hand quilted by the exhibitor and exhibited and judged at a local Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies (OAAS) to be eligible for this competition.
B. Entry quilts must be a minimum of 324” measured on the perimeter (smaller quilts will not be eligible to proceed to the next level of competition )
C. The winner’s name and pattern to be displayed at the Fair on sign provided by OAAS.
D. Judging will occur at local fairs and district levels. A Provincial Grand Champion Quilt will be selected at the Annual OAAS Convention.
E. Upon making an entry into the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies Quilt Competition, the Exhibitor agrees to participate in any promotional activities related to the competition.
F. The winning Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies Champion Quilt will not be eligible to compete in any future District and/or Convention OAAS competition.

                                         KNITTING  SECTION N

CHAIRPERSON: – Jackie Teskey (905) 852-3707

Please note: We are pleased to be offering Youth Knitting Classes within the Junior Section. If you are a youth, please consult the Junior Section.                                       Prize Money:  $5.00, $4.00, $3.00, $2.00 

NOTE:  All entries must include yarn samples. – NO MACHINE KNITS, unless specified.                                                                                                                  

59. Afghan:  any shape (Prize Money: $10.00, $5.00, $3.00, $2.00)

60. Carriage cover or baby afghan maximum size 75 cm X 60 cm or 30 in. by 24 in.

61. Long sleeve child’s sweater using colour block or fair isle.

62. Cardigan, long sleeve – adult or child (on hanger

63. Pullover, long sleeve pullover, with or without hood – adult or child ( on hanger)

64. Any sweater using cables (on hanger)

65. Any vest (on hanger)

66. Any item using a novelty yarn (e.g.eyelash, boa)                                          

67. Security “blankie” – animal head attached to blanket

68. Any child’s dress – up to size 4 ( on hanger)

69. Slippers  – one pair

70. Hat or toque

71. Arm knitting – scarf or cowl

72. Cowl

73. Tea cozy – displayed on teapot

74. Socks – 1 pair

75. Any shawl or shrug

76. Any other knitted article – handmade

77. NOVICE KNITTING (less than 5 years experience) – any article of knitting


Prize Money: $10.00 $5.00 $3.00
 A knitted baby layette.  (sweater, bonnet or toque, and booties)                                        Note: All entries becom the property of the Uxbridge Fair and will be donated to the Uxbridge Cottage Hospital Gift Shop.


             CHAIRPERSON: Jackie Teskey (905) 852-3707

Prize Money:  $5.00, $4.00, $3.00, $2.00  

Details may be subject to change. Please check for updates on uxbridgefair.ca

79.  Crocheted afghan ($10.00, $5.00, $3.00, $2.00)                                                                      80.  Crocheted carriage cover or baby afghan, maximum size 75 cm X 60 cmcrochet
81.   Any child’s dress – up to size 4 (on hanger)
82.  Hat – adult or child
83.  Slippers – one pair
84.  Cardigan for child (on hanger)
85.   Cowl
86.  Purse or Carry bag
87.  Security “blankie” – animal head attached to blanket
88.  Any shawl or shrug
89.   NOVICE CROCHETING (less than 5 years experience Any article of crochetiing

90. DIRECTOR’S SPECIAL  – A crocheted baby layette. ( sweater, bonnet or toque, and bootees)
Prize Money: $10.00 $5.00 $3.00
          All entries become the property of the Uxbridge Fair and will be donated to the Uxbridge Cottage Hospital Gift Shop


CHAIRPERSON: Jackie Teskey (905) – 852- 3707

Prize Money:  $5.00, $4.00, $3.00, $2.00
NOTE:  All entries must include a fabric sample.                                                      91.  Skirt or pants with zipper – on hangersewing machine                  92. Blouse  with sleeves – with buttons  – on hanger 93.  Any child’s dress, up to size 4 dress, on hanger  94.  Any article of sleepwear e.g .sleep pants, nightgown, bed jacket                                                       95. Any article of clothing using fleece                         96. Any throw or baby blanket using fleece                 97. Apron                                                                            98. Jacket – any material                                                                                                             99.  Costume (e.g. Halloween, skating, martial arts)                                                            100. Any pair of placemats – NOT CHRISTMAS ( see Christmas Section)                      101. Carry-all bag or tote bag – eg. For knitting, shopping                                                 102. A table runner or table cloth – NOT CHRISTMAS  (see Christmas Section)         103.  Any other kitchen item e.g. pot holders, oven mitts, tea cozy                                   104. Cushion cover, max. 18″ X 18″ before ruffle ( if added); displayed on a cushion

                                 SPECIAL NEEDS SECTION N

Sponsored by Maggie McCreath                                                                                CHAIRPERSON: Julia McDonald (905) 852-3403

  • Note: Support that is needed does not result in disqualification.

Prize Money  $5.00, $4.00, $3.00, $2.00

Junior: 21 years of age and under  (please include age on back of entry tag)
105.  Any handcrafted  item crafted by an individual with special needs
106.  Any baked item produced by an individual with special needs

Adult: Over 21 years of age
107.  Any handcrafted item crafted by an individual with special needs
108.  Any baked item produced by an individual with special needs