Thanks to all the Volunteers 2017

Thanks to all our volunteers!

The Uxbridge Fall Fair is run entirely by volunteers and is a not-for-profit event which has been part of the community for over 150 years.  Whether our volunteers spend many hours during the year preparing or a couple of hours helping at the Fair, we could not do it without them. The experience and knowledge they bring to our community is priceless.

If you would like to become involved, whatever your background and the hours to which you can commit, please talk to any member of the Board you might know, email us at or call Bev Harrison at (905) 852-5877. Everyone is welcome and all talents and interests are needed.



Past President – Nancy Hannah
President – John Park
1st Vice President -Jim Tindall
2nd Vice President – Deb Dickie
Treasurer – Marilyn Burch
Co-Secretaries – Angela Gonsalves, Kathy Wasylenky
Manager – Dave Dickie

Kevin Alcock, Rob Ashton, Deb Dickie, Jim Doxsee, Rick Hannah, Tara Hannah, Bev Harrison, Robert Harrison, Bev Latva,Rachael Leslie,  Jane Johnson, Mike Kennedy,Bev Latva,  Barb Orr, Ashley Park, John Park, Sophianne Roberts, Joel Speers, Jim Tindall, , Craig  Volkmann

Junior Directors:
Brianne Assinck, Anna Cowling, Charlie Cowling, Will Cowling, Ella Field, Katie Latva Bond, Julianne Tindall, William Tindall, Scarlet Minshull, Portia Muller, Jonah Rushton, Connor Visagie, Riley Visagie

Associate Directors: and Volunteers
Angie Andruss, Katie Assinck, Carol Bacon, Keith Bacon, Trina Bacon, Pat Bailey, The Bonner Boys, Laura Begg, Joyce Brown, Shelagh Caroll, Russ Chaplin,  Chris Colucci,Alice Cossey, Joe Coughlin, Madeline Coughlin, Elaine Cox, Sue David, Michelle DeGeer, Rodney DeGeer, Carolyn Dempster, Tess Dempster, Robin Dhillon, Susan Dillon, Jason Doxsee, Pat Doxsee, Matthew Durward, Sandy Evans, Cory Geisberger, Holly Geisberger,Hollay Ghadery, Judy Gray, Jamie Gregor, Lew Gregor,    Sylvia Grose,  Bridgette Herrema, Gerrit Herrema, Helen Herrema, Howie Herrema, Liz Herrema, Lisa Hutchinson, Gary Johnson, Jane Johnson, Kate Johnson, Mark Johnson,  Melanie Kennedy, Wayne Kennedy, Pauline Knibbs, Michelle Korte, Guy Latva, Val Linton, Brian Logan, Michelle McDowell,  Julia McDonald, Amber Meirik,  Leslie Nagle,Judy Oswald, Julia Ott,  June Peck, Barb Peck, Lori Pengelly, Niko Pupella, Sarah Reid, David Risebrough, Jamie Risebrough, Judy Riseborough, Michael Risebrough, Peter Robinson, Corrina Rushton, Anna Sibbling, Brian Smith, Anita Speers, Donna Straughan, Jacki Sweet, Pat Taber, Jeff Taylor,  Steve Taylor, Jacqui Teskey, Sharon Vanderven, Krista Volkmann, Ena Wassenaar, Lori Welch, Nancy Wood

Past President – Nancy Hannah
President – Tara Hannah
Vice President – Carolyn Dempster
Secretary – Julia MacDonald/Tessie Dempster


Volunteers Needed!