Heavy Horses Section H 2017

Sunday, September 10, 2017
Chairperson: Robert Harrison (905) 852-5877
Lew Gregor
Sponsors: Evans Financial Services, Uxbridge Horseman’s Association.


  1. In 2017  everyone must pay Fair Admission ($12) at the entrance gate. There will also be a hold back of 10% of all winnings in adult classes.
  2. Exhibitors are eligible to show 2 animals per class.
  3. Exhibitors should expect the events to start on time and move promptly so as to finish before the Horse Pull.
  4. Exhibitors must have Liability Insurance.
  5. Please read General Rules as they apply to the Uxbridge Fair.
  6. N.B. All multiple hitch and youth drivers must have 2 (two) drivers on board for safety and insurance reasons.

Halter Classes Prize Money: $35, $30, $25, $20, $15
Hitch Classes Prize Money: $70, $60, $50, $40, and $30 for each entry not placed

Order of Classes: 

  1. Yeld mare or gelding – commercial
  2.  Yeld mare or gelding – heavy
  3.  Brood mare with foal or evidence of foal
  4. Foal of the current year
  5. One year old
  6. Two year old
  7. Three year old – In Memory of Les Myers
  8. Junior showmanship – under 16 years of age
  9.  Best draft horse – All 1st places
  10. Single or team – youth driver under 18 years of age
  11. Commercial single light
  12. Draft single
  13. Commercial single heavy
  14. Draft light team
  15. Commercial light team
  16. Team of registered mares
  17.  Single or team – lady driver
  18. Commercial team heavy
  19. Draft heavy team
  20. Unicorn hitch commercial
  21. Unicorn hitch draft
  22. Four horse hitch – commercial
  23. Four horse hitch – draft

    W. Laurence Evans Memorial Trophy
    Sponsored by Brian and Larry Evans
    Four Horse Hitch Combined

    Alsopdale Farms Trophy
    Best Draft Horse