Board of Directors 2021

Thank you to our dedicated volunteers. The 2021 Board of Directors is as follows:

  • Rob Ashton
  • Debbie Dickie
  • Lorna Durwood-Story
  • Barry Grant
  • Nancy Hannah
  • Rick Hannah
  • Tara Hannah
  • Bob Harrison
  • Mark Hendy
  • Bev Latva
  • Carolyn Lovdal
  • Gerri-Lynn O’Connor
  • Barb Orr
  • John Park
  • Judy Risebrough
  • Joel Speers
  • Lori St.John
  • Jim Tindall

Our Officers have steered us through uncharted waters this past year. They remain as follows:

  • Past President: John Park
  • President: Bev Latva
  • 1st Vice-President: Jim Tindall
  • 2nd Vice-President: Debbie Dickie

Our Admin put in unseen hours ensuring we run smoothly, whatever form our event takes! Our Administrative Appointments are:

  • Secretary: Angela Gonsalves and Rick Hannah
  • Treasurer: Marilyn Burch
  • Manager: Dave Dickie

Our Junior Directors are the future of the Fair! We are grateful for their initiative!

  • Brianna Assinck
  • Anna Cowling
  • Will Cowling
  • Ellen McDonald