2020 Yard/Storefront Display Contest

We are offering two different classes:

Individual/Family Class-  Create a lawn or window display in recognition of the Uxbridge Fall Fair.   

Business/Service Group Class-  Create a storefront, lawn or window display showing that the business is a proud supporter of the Uxbridge Fall Fair. 

Prizes for each class-  First Place $100; Second Place $50; Third Place $25; People’s Choice $100. 

Deadline-  All displays should be complete by 8am on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.

Entries can be registered through the online form, available here . Alternately, you can print the file below, and email it to Secretary@UxbridgeFair.ca .


  1. Entrants will complete a google form or print and email the form provided above.
  2. Entrants must be willing to disclose their address so that we can provide addresses to public who want to view the displays.
  3. Entrants must provide a photo that can be used for the People’s Choice competition on Facebook.  This email can be submitted with the google form, or emailed to the secretary.
  4. Entrants who do not have an exhibitor number will be assigned one to facilitate payouts.
  5. Prizes will be as follows for EACH of the classes: First Prize $100; Second Prize $50; Third Prize $25; People’s Choice $100.
  6. Entrants who wish to print and use our logo FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE OF THEIR DISPLAY can email the secretary account for the digital copy.  Please email secretary@uxbridgefair.ca by September 4.