Leaf Blower Soccer 2019

Saturday, September 7, 2019
6:00 pm

For info contact Dave Dickie (905) 852-5040


  1. Have Fun
  2. Each team should have 6 team members max.
  3. One member to be the goalie.
  4. Goalie to control the area inside the goalie crease, foul called when all hell breaks loose.
  5. Three members on the field at one time, plus the goalie.
  6. Team members can rotate off and on as seen fit, including the goalie, but cannot exceed the 3+goalie limit.
  7. The ball passing between the pylons is considered a goal.
  8. Face off to be at the center line, middle.
  9. Foul balls going off the field will be thrown on by the officials at the point where the ball went foul.
  10. Good sportsmanship and lots of laughing encouraged.


Safety glasses/goggles mandatory.
Hearing protection encouraged.
Full face shield suggested.
Short pants suicidal.