Virtual Horticulture 2021

Please ensure that you read carefully what is required for each class! Contact the section chair if you have any questions.

Virtual Sunflower Contest classes can be viewed here.

Virtual Field Crops classes can be viewed here.

Virtual Flowers classes can be viewed here.

Virtual Vegetables, Herbs and Fruit classes can be found here.

Virtual Junior Flowers and Vegetables classes can be viewed here.

Tips for photographing your virtual entries.

1.  Make sure your photo is in focus.  Zoom to ensure that focus is maintained upon closer inspection.

2.  Try to use an uncluttered background.  You can hang a simple bedsheet or shower curtain behind your entries to provide a backdrop.

3.  Ensure that your photo is well-lit.  Try to avoid introducing shadows into your photo.

4.  Ensure that your entire entry is visible in the photo.  If parts are missing, it will be difficult for judges to assess your entry.

5.  Try taking multiple photos from different angles and details before choosing which is best to upload.

6.  Submit one high-resolution photo, unless the class specifies to upload multiple photos.

7.  Clean your lens.