Demolition Derby Prize List 2019

Class Prize List 2019

THE FAIR reserves the right to change the classes based on entries.

Winning Driver Will Receive a Trophy / Plaque and a cheque

All winnings must be picked up at THE FAIR office immediately following the Derby.

Preliminary Heats Cars Only 

  • For classes with more than 1 heat
  • First Place $55.00

Best Dressed Vehicle

  • Fair theme “Farm Boot and Country Roots”

Team Truck Event

  • First Place $8,000.00 total for the team
  • Second Place $2,000.00 total for the team

Full Sized Pro Stock Car Feature

  • 6 or 8 cylinder cars
  • First Place $1,500.00
  • Second Place $300.00

Straight Stock Mini Car Feature

  • 4 or 6 cylinder cars. (6 cylinder cars less than 106” will compete in this class)
  • First Place $1,800.00
Second Place $500.00
  • Third Place $300.00

Truck Class

  • First Place $1,500.00
  • Second Place $300.00


Last Chance Entries Straight Stock Mini Car

All drivers wishing to enter the Last Chance Heat must do so at the tower once their qualifying heat is over. The first and second place finishers of the last chance will also win a spot in the feature event for that vehicle class.