Heavy Horse Pull 2018

 Chairperson: Howie Herrema – 905-852-5306


1. Register at ring 1 hour prior to event to be accepted.
2. Pre-register by August 15th and receive your exhibitor wristbands.  1-4 animals equals 3 one-day passes, 5 plus animals equals 4 day passes.  If you do not pre-register  Fair admission ($12) will be charged at the gate. There will be a hold back of 10% of all winnings in adult classes.
3. Maximum 1 entry per class per contestant.
4. Heavy and light teams may be pulled simultaneously. (a) Light-weight class – teams whose combined girth is 165 inches or less.
5. Teams competing are to be measured on grounds prior to the event by a Committee official.
6. A qualifying draw must be a minimum of 15 measured feet and be made within the designated course. Knocking down a course marker is a fault, disqualifying the draw.
7. Each team will be allowed 2 drawing attempts with a time maxi-mum of 3 minutes between draws.
8. One driver and 2 helpers per team will be permitted, however, any interference by helpers will constitute a fault, disqualifying the draw.
9. The same driver (& helpers) may handle more than 1 team.
10. Slashing with reins or whipping, whilst in contest, will constitute a fault, disqualifying the draw.
11. The chairperson has the right to check equipment at any time during the competition.
12. In the event of breakage during a drawing attempt, a new draw will be required. Officials will rule on the time the next draw is to be made.
13. Officials and contestants only allowed in the course area during draw.
14. No electrical devices or drugs to be used on horses.
15. An official Veterinarian will rule on the eligibility to participate as far as health of animals is concerned.
16. Team must make first drawing attempt within 5 minutes after being called.
17. Horses used may draw in one class only. Team breakdown for girth requirements is not permitted.
18. The decision of the Judge is final.
19. The Uxbridge Fair Board is a member of the Central Canadian Horse Pulling Association and their rules will take precedence over the above rules if a conflict occurs.
20. Exhibitors must have Liability Insurance.
21. Please read the Rules & Regulations of the Uxbridge Fair.
Lightweight – combined girth is 165 inches or less.
Heavyweight – combined girth is more than 165 inches.
$335, $295, $255, $215, $175,  Ribbons
$100 for each team that does not place

To the owner of the winning team in the Heavy Horse Draw.

To the owner of the winning team in the Light Horse Draw.