Hats Off To Agriculture
September 6, 7 & 8, 2024
Uxbridge Fall Fair,
180 Main St. S, Elgin Park, Uxbridge, ON

Global Pet Foods SuperDogs

Global Pet Foods SuperDogs

SuperDogs logoUxbridge Fair Presents: The Exhilarating Global Pet Foods SuperDogs Spectacle

Prepare to be captivated as the Uxbridge Fair introduces the exhilarating performance of the Global Pet Foods SuperDogs! This event promises an extraordinary showcase of agility, speed, and the remarkable talents of diverse canine stars. Prepare to witness an event where dogs of various breeds, sizes, and ages display extraordinary skills and prowess.

Global Pet Foods SuperDogs is not just pet entertainment; it’s a family-friendly extravaganza. Get ready to be amazed as these expertly trained dogs navigate complex agility courses, execute detailed performances, and make awe-inspiring mid-air Frisbee catches with elegance and precision. The show offers a mix of awe-inspiring acrobatics, heartwarming moments of camaraderie, and teamwork that will surely capture your heart.

For years, the Global Pet Foods SuperDogs have charmed viewers with their high-energy shows. Each member of the team, with their unique flair and set of abilities, contributes to a show filled with excitement and variety. It’s an inclusive event that promises enjoyment for visitors of all ages.

Experience the marvel of the Global Pet Foods SuperDogs at the Uxbridge Fair on Sunday, September 8, 2024. This year, the spotlight isn’t only on equine attractions – it’s the SuperDogs’ turn to dazzle and amaze!