Chair: Tara Hannah (905) 862-3480


  1. Entries must be 50 years of age or older.
  2. Any notes of historical interest are welcome.
  3. Small cracks or flaws will not disqualify an item.
  4. Items must be small enough to hold in hand in order to display in locked glass case in The Homecraft Building on fair grounds.
  5. For safety, articles are not to be removed except by the Directors.
  6. Tags will not be opened for display for security reasons.
  7. Articles must be from the exhibitor’s personal collection and must not have been exhibited in the last 5 years at the Uxbridge Fair.


Prize Money:  $5.00  $4.00  $3.00  $2.00


  1. Sock darner
  2. Needle/pin holder (not a cushion)
  3. Egg slicer or separator
  4. Match book cover (not a match box)
  5. Washboard
  6. Photo of woman in uniform (WWI or WWII)
  7. Drawer pull/handle
  8. Candle stick
  9. Cookbook- non commercial
  10. Magnifying glass
  11. Item of whittling (Sponsored by Keith Bacon and family)
  12. Key – hand cast/handmade
  13. Wedding invitation
  14. Jet beads (“mourning beads”)
  15. Drivers license
  16. Item of sterling silver – not jewelry
  17. Apron
  18. Ladies watch (Sponsored by Rutledge Jewellers)
  19. Item of tortoise shell
  20. Decorative hair comb
  21. Stemmed candy dish
  22. China tile – decorative
  23. Music box


  1. Stump the Judge – $1 prize for any entry that stumps the judge