Antiques Section K 2018


CHAIRPERSON: Tara Hannah (905) 862-3480


  1. Entries must be 50 years of age or older.
  2. Any notes of historical interest are welcome.
  3. Small cracks or flaws will not disqualify an item.
  4. Items must be small enough to hold in hand in order to display in locked glass case in The Homecraft Building on fair grounds.
  5. For safety, articles are not to be removed except by the Directors.
  6. Tags will not be opened for display for security reasons.
  7. Articles must be from the exhibitor’s personal collection and must not have been exhibited in the last 5 years at the Uxbridge Fair.


Prize Money:  $5.00  $4.00  $3.00  $2.00

  1. Dinner plate
  2. Child’s dinner plate
  3. A paper napkin showing advertising
  4. A menu
  5. A letter from royalty or other dignitary
  6. Photo of  harvest or a hay wagon
  7. A Marble (alley)
  8. A letter opener
  9. A leather key case or tag
  10. A potato masher
  11. A baby bib
  12. Earrings
  13. A small metal advertising sign
  14. Leather animal collar (NOT harness part)
  15. An egg spoon
  16. Photo: A big family dinner
  17. A gate latch or door hinge
  18. A boot jack
  19. An apple corer
  20. A wooden bread board
  21. A cookie cutter
  22. A chocolate box