Dairy Goats Section G 2018



Saturday, September 11, 2021
Starting at 10 a.m. SHARP

DIRECTORS: Jim & Tracey Tindall (905) 852-9966

SECRETARY: Tracey Tindall (905) 852-9966
COMMITTEE: Alice Stewart (905) 852-7165

Our Sponsors:
Port Perry Veterinary Services, Tindall Dairy Goats, Craigalleen Farm, Holtrust Landscaping

All goats to be on the grounds by 9:00 a.m. and remain until 4 p.m. or end of show (whichever is later).


1. All general rules and regulations of the Fair apply.

2. This is a Sanctioned Goat Show and all rules of the Canadian Goat Society shall govern. NOTE: Rulebook was revised in 2017.

3. The Canadian Goat Society requires that all goats be Vet approved before showing. A health check will be conducted by a Veterinarian. All goats not passing the health check will be immediately removed.

4. The Vet will be on the grounds at 9:00 a.m. Veterinary Check provided by Port Perry Veterinary Services (905) 982-1243.

5. Animals less than 6 months of age AT THE DATE OF THE SHOW whose registration certificates are applied for, but have not been received by owner from CLRC may show, providing the owner provides a copy of the application form that was sent to CLRC.

6. The Original Registration Certificate (or access to the CLRC website for Bulk Paperless registrations) must be available upon request from the Show Secretary/show Chairman during the entire show. Tattoos legible and to match paperwork.

7. Date for computing of age is September 11, 2021.

8. Exhibitors may enter 2 animals in each class to a maximum of 14 goats per section and 20 goats total per exhibitor.

9. Exhibitors MUST pre-register their entries by August 31, 2021 (Note deadline has been extended), using AssistExpo. Please visit www.uxbridgefair.ca for details. Exhibitors may bring essential assistants. These assistants MUST also be pre-registered by August 31, 2021 through AssistExpo. If you have any problems with this process, please email registrationsupport@uxbridgefair.ca.

10. No entries will be accepted after August 31, 2021. No substitutions will be made.

11. Entry fee of 10% will be deducted from all prize winnings in adult classes.

12. Maximum of 200 goats will be permitted. The exhibitor that brings th total to 200 will be permitted to bring all their entries. For example, the exhibitor registers and their goat entries are # 198 - 218 (bringing 20 goats) will be permitted to bring al entries. The maximum of 200 goats will have now been fulfilled and no additional exhibitors may enter.

13. All Livestock entries MUST include the Uxbridge Fair Premises ID # ON4232599.


G01 Alpine

G02 Toggenburg

G03 Nubian

G04 Saanen

G05 Oberhasli

G06 Any Other Purebred

G07 Recorded Grade

Prizes: 1st: $30, 2nd: $25, 3rd: $20, 4th: $17, 5th: $15, 6th: $10, $5



Doe Kid Ribbons will be given up to 6th place in each class.

Over 3 months and under 6 months


Doe Kid

6 months and under 12 months


Doe Kid

12 months and under 24 months

Junior Champion and Reserve Prize: Rosettes


Milking Yearling

Over 12 months and under 24 months in milk



Over 24 months and under 36 months in milk



Over 36 months and under 60 months in milk



Over 60 months in milk

Senior Champion and Reserve Prize: Rosettes

Alpine Total Points Section Winner

Sponsored by Christine Bowman, CPA

Toggenburg Total Points Section Winner

Sponsored by Peacock Meadows Farm

Nubian Total Points Section Winner

Sponsored by Capricorn View Farm

Saanan Total Points Section Winner

Sponsored by Doug Wherry

Oberhasli Total Points Section Winner

Sponsored by Heavenswell Famrs Transport

Any Other Purebread Total Points Section Winner

Sponsored by Jeff Smith

Recorded Grade Total Points Section Winner

Sponsored by Cathy Hamil-Hill Photography