Baby Show Section Q 2017

Section Q

Sponsored by  ABS Abacus Brain Study, Baldwin Sales, Little Acorn, Uxbridge Stouffvillle Midwives, Shoppers Drug Mart


Contest takes place Sunday at 11 am. The oldest group will be judged first.

on or after Wednesday, Sept 6, 2017 to pre-register

(Please provide baby’s name, date of birth, parent’s name and phone number.)

Only 12 entrants per age group.

Boys and girls together.

Oldest group will be judged first.

Each class takes about 15 minutes.

Babies born from March 1, 2017 to September 1, 2017     0 – 6 months

  1. Best dressed Canadian Patriotic Baby
  2. Baby with the Smallest Feet
  3. Baby with the Longest Fingers
  4. Baby with Most Hair
  5. Most Contented Baby

Babies born from September 1, 2016 to February 28, 2017  6  – 12 months

  1. Best Dressed Baby as a Canadian Animal
  2. Baby with the Biggest Smile
  3. Chubbiest Baby
  4. Baby with the Biggest Hands
  5. Most Curious Baby

Babies born between March 1,2016  to August  31, 2016  12 – 18 months

  1. Best Dressed Baby as a Famous Canadian
  2. Mom or Dad/Baby Look-a-Like
  3. Baby with Biggest Feet
  4. Busiest Baby
  5. Happiest Baby

A gift for every baby entered, trophies and more.

Many thanks to our generous sponsors!